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Why InSite

InSite Commercial Interiors is a Design + Construct office fitout company. Having one of the most experienced Project Management teams in Australia, combined with a large design department we are able to provide our clients with unparalleled service in both speed and quality.

With InSite's experience, our clients receive creative office design, timely delivery of projects, cost control and a high level of quality and service.

We value add There are many ways in which InSite can value add to your fitout project throughout the Design + Construct process.

During the property selection phase we offer space planning services, representing and working with you as the client, to ascertain suitability of the prospective tenancy.

Over the years, InSite has developed key industry associated contacts, which you can take advantage of before commencing your relocation project. These include experienced leasing agents, tenant advocates and relocation management consultants to name a few. We are happy to work alongside your project partners to ensure recommendations will meet your business objectives.


If you are considering a tenancy which is under construction, InSite can also liaise with the architect and builder to ensure that an integrated fit out is undertaken on your behalf, ensuring items such as air conditioning vents, fire services sprinklers and plumbing works are all in the location that best suits the new layout of your tenancy once constructed. To you as the client, there is a significant cost saving associated with all integration activity and by communications occurring in a timely manner.

The great thing for you as our client is that there is no cost pass through to you for taking us up on our value add services.

Full accountability There is an increased level of accountability with InSite's Design + Construct model as we have to own every decision we make, every action we take. How so? InSite holds its own builders licence and therefore assumes full responsibility for the successful delivery and compliance of your fit-out project.

"Price is what you pay - value is what you receive"